Kaya ELOX Eco Slice Small Shisha SET Black

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The details of the Kaya-Shisha ELOX ECO Slice SET Black:

Total height: approx. 47 cm
Height without bowl and accessories: approx. 40 cm

The set consists of:
1 ELOX Eco Slice Small hookah stem set, black
1 Downtube with Teflon diffuser
1 Closed chamber base with 1 hose connection, 18.8 joint
1 Ash plate made of anodised aluminium, approx. 16cm
1 Terracotta tobacco bowl with insert sieve
1 Slim mouthpiece, black, made of aluminium, approx. 24cm
1 Soft-Touch silicone hose, matt black, with anti-kink spring
1 Colorground glass, matching colour
1 Coal tongs "Wing", 16cm
1 kg natural charcoal 64 cubes á 26mm³
1 Roll of aluminium foil, LxW = 25mx15cm
1 Black foil punch

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Kaya ELOX Eco Slice Small Shisha SET Black is available to buy in increments of 1

Black Elox Eco Slice hookah with accessories for foil setups

This hookah starter set includes a black Kaya Shisha hookah from the ELOX ECO series model "Slice" in the size Small, as well as a practical selection of accessories for building aluminium foil setups.

Small aluminium hookah from the ELOX Eco series

The Kaya Shisha hookah is made of anodised aluminium. Due to the material, it is protected against rust and lime deposits and impresses with its rich colour. Total height: approx. 47cm | without bowl and accessories approx. 40 cm | With 18.8 connection for molasses catchers

Exclusive valve

As soon as the hookah stem and the silver-coloured intermediate piece are removed, you get a glimpse into the venting device of the hookah. Four valve balls are located inside the base (~Ø5.7mm). As the hookah is vented, the smoke is released through the closed chamber base and directed vertically upwards past the valve balls. There it exits through the slits in the shaft of the hookah stem.

Possible number of users

Designed for 1 smoker. The hookah is equipped with one (1) hose connection. A silicone hose and a slim mouthpiece for one user are included. To smoke the hookah with more than one individual, we recommend using disposable or reusable hygienic mouthpieces.

Application-oriented selection of accessories

To facilitate the preparation of the included multi-hole tobacco bowl, you receive a tobacco sieve that prevents the holes of the bowl from being clogged by tobacco residues, as well as a roll of our Kaya Tank foil*. This aluminium foil is 25m long and twice as strong as ordinary household foil. It is not perforated so it can be used for individual set-ups. To make punching the foil easier for beginners, a foil punch is enclosed with the foil.

Also included is a 1kg packet of natural coal** and stainless steel coal tongs for placing the prepared coal cubes.

*Kaya Tank Foil: 25mx15cm, material thickness: 40µm
**Babylon natural hookah coal: 1 pack / 64 coal cubes á 26mm³

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EAN 4056159103792
Product weight 4.44 kg
Age verification No
Manufacturer Kaya Shisha
Color black
Delivery time Versand nach Zahlungseingang - Dispatch after payment
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