Heisenberg Honey Dude Clear

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Details of the Honey Dude Clear glass bong by Heisenberg:

Height: approx. 22cm
Outer neck diameter: approx. 23mm
Inner neck diameter: approx. 15mm
Diameter body: approx. 50mm
Diameter round base: approx. 95mm
Ground glass joint: 14.5
Bowl: One-Hitter with handle
Icebox: No
Carb hole: No
Percolator: Honeycomb
Logo: round Heisenberg logo, black

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Be my Dude, Honey!

The Heisenberg Honey Dude wants to be your buddy when smoking herbs. That's why it comes with a 14.5 one-hitter, which promises a speedy pleasure, as well as with a so-called honeycomb percolator, where you draw the smoke through many small holes in a kind of disc. It swirls and bubbles wonderfully!
The Honey Dude is roughly the shape and size of a bubbler and is very popular as a "small smoking device".

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EAN 4056159107622
Product weight 0.46 kg
Age verification No
Manufacturer Heisenberg
Color clear
Cut 14.5
Delivery time Versand nach Zahlungseingang
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