Purple Trumpet ELOX 730 Tradi Oak 2S

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The Purple Trumpet ELOX 730 Tradi Oak 2S consists of:

- 1 Aluminum Plug-In Base with Closed Chamber and
- 1 Hose connection "CUT" (~ 18.8)
- 1 Aluminum hose adapter (~ 18.8)
- 1 Shaft of oak wood (length approx. 31cm), turned and varnished
- 1 Removeable steel inner tube with threads (total length: approx. 31cm)
- 1 Steel downtube (length: approx. 26cm, with the thread to connect to the inner tube)
- 1 Ash plate made of aluminum, diameter about 24cm, with washer (about 8.5cm
- 1 Aluslim mouthpiece with black silicone hose
- 1 Aluminum head adapter (to be connected by thread to the inner tube)
- 1 Terracotta tobacco bowl "Masta", with head gasket
- 1 Glass bowl "Purple Trumpet" plug-in

Entire height: ca. 82cm

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The shaft of this special shisha consists of turned and varnished oak wood.

Through the base you can screw the inner tube with the steel downtube.
The anodized aluminum base features a closed chamber, which reduces the volume of the base, making it easier to aspirate the stale smoke after extended periods of not dragging it. On the base sits a CUT hose connection, which corresponds to an 18.8 cut. Another valve is closed with a lid.
By plug-in with tight rubber seal the base is placed on the Trumpet glass bowl.
The delivery includes a terracotta tobacco head and a color-matching hose set made of an easy-care silicone hose and an a black aluminum mouthpiece.

The tobacco bowl of terracotta lets the shisha tobacco unfold its full flavour, and with the chimney bowl set, the filling and firing of the tobacco bowl becomes a pure pleasure.

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