Blue Tradi ELOX 680 Blue Flash 2S

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Components of the Blue Tradi ELOX 680 Blue Flash 2S:

- 1 Aluminium Plug-In Base with closed chamber and
- 1 "CUT" hose connection (~ 18.8)
- 1 Aluminium hose adapter (~ 18.8)
- 1 Beech wood shaft, lacquered in dark blue, (length approx. 28.5cm) with "Flash" decoration of Lichtenberg figures
- 1 Movable steel inner tube with threads (total length: approx. 31cm)
- 1 Stainless steel immersion tube (length: approx. 26cm, to be connected to the inner tube with the thread)
- 1 Ash plate made of aluminium, diameter approx. 24cm, with washer (approx. 8.5cm)
- 1 Aluslim mouthpiece with soft-touch silicone hose
- 1 Aluminium head adapter (to be connected to the inner tube via thread)
- 1 Terracotta tobacco bowl "Masta with head gasket
- 1 Blue Tradi plug-in glass bowl with mirror-finish

Total height: approx. 71cm

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ELOX 680 hookah model: Blue Flash with blue-coloured glass

Timeless modern hookah with plug-in closure. Equipped with a decorative shimmering mint-coloured wooden shaft that has been hand-finished with an individual branding pattern. The Lichtenberg figures are a visual feature. The shaft made of turned and lacquered wood looks great and gives off a very subtle, woody, smoky scent.

About the aluminium hookah stem set

The hookah set is an ELOX 680 model. With the exception of the immersion tube and the inner steel tube, the metal components are made of black anodised aluminium. The large ash plate comes in combination with a small washer, whose round recess straightens the wooden shaft underneath and holds it in position.
The base made of anodised aluminium has a closed chamber, which reduces the volume inside. This simplifies initial smoking and blowing out stale smoke after long smoke breaks. The base is equipped with 2 threads for hose connectors. The hookah is supplied with a hose connection and a matching 18.8 hose adapter as well as a valve piece. Since the hose connections of this model do not use valve balls, the hookah is rather designed for use with 1 user. The base and the large rubber seal are plugged into the plug-in glass.

Eye-catcher: Handcrafted wooden shaft from the KAYA workshop

The hookah comes with a decorative shaft made of solid wood. These decorative shafts are handmade in our own workshop in Bremen, stained in colour or given a modern burn pattern, treated and of course lacquered afterwards. Due to the individual grain of the wood as well as a varied colour application, each shaft automatically becomes unique.

What is there to say about the plug-in hookah glass?

The plug-in glass is a colour-coated hookah bowl with a mirror finish. The blue-coloured glass is an attractive complement to the wooden shaft. When cleaning the glass, care should be taken not to use harsh cleaning agents or scratching brushes, so that the coating is not damaged.
PLEASE NOTE: The glass is not suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher!

What accessories are included?

The hookah comes with a hose set consisting of a 150cm silicone hose and a Slim mouthpiece made of aluminium. Furthermore, the shipment includes an unglazed multi-hole tobacco bowl made of terracotta. This standard bowl is ideal for setups with aluminium foil, but can also be used with a matching chimney attachment. It is characterised by its good draught and allows the hookah tobacco to develop its full aroma.

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Product weight 3.70 kg
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Manufacturer Kaya Shisha
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